Services Inspection Treatment EC-34


Inspection & Testing

The first step is a comprehensive inspection of the client’s home or workplace to assess the extent of the problem.
The inspection begins with a detailed discussion of the property with the client in order to gain knowledge about the
site and its history. Highly qualified personnel will seek the moisture source and identify the affected building materials. The inspection is a key first step toward obtaining safe mold levels in your home or work place.

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will recommend the tests that should be conducted. These tests
include taking moisture readings on building materials to see if the areas are elevated and find hidden leaks behind
the drywall. Air samples are taken to determine the spore count and types of mold present. Swab samples are taken
from areas suspected of mold contamination. Samples are sent to a third party certified laboratory to be analyzed.
The results will be kept in strictest confidentiality with our client and a full report will be submitted to the client. If the
lab results show elevated fungal counts a remediation plan will be developed and presented to the client.


Treatment & Remediation

MicroZyme™ Technologies uses a non-toxic, environmentally safe enzyme technology to treat microbial growth.
Our technology is applied with specially made machines which treat the air, surfaces, wall cavities, HVAC systems
and certain furniture. If building materials are compromised MicroZyme will remove and replace these areas.


Post-Testing Services

After MicroZyme Technologies has treated the contaminated area and removed any compromised building material
the areas will be retested to ensure fungal counts are at acceptable levels. The samples will be analyzed by a third
party accredited laboratory and a detailed report will be submitted to the client. In addition, MicroZyme will make
recommendations to ensure your home or place of work is free of elevated mold or moisture problems.


Clearance Testing

MicroZyme performs clearance testing for large developers, builders, contractors, and homeowners, etc. Clearance
testing is normally performed near the end of construction of a new or rehab property. Buyers and sellers of real estate also have clearance testing performed before the property changes hands. Clearance testing provides documentation from an accredited laboratory that the property has acceptable mold and moisture problems and helps in preventing litigation in the future.