Services Inspection Treatment EC-34

Treatment & Remediation Protocol

MicroZyme™ follows New York City Guidelines and Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Recommendations during
remediation and treatment. All of our personnel is trained and equipped with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Once contaminated areas are discovered through testing and visual inspection a remediation plan will be developed.

• Areas that need contained from non-contaminated areas will be sealed using 6 mil poly sheeting if needed.

• Air scrubbers and/or negative air machine will be used during demolition and prior to treatment to clean the air and
prevent cross contamination.

• Compromised building materials will be sealed and bagged in.

• All contaminated areas will be treated with EC-34 Technology including air, surfaces, and HVAC system.
EC-34 Technology does not discolor building materials.

• The entire contaminated area will be HEPA vacuumed.

• After MicroZyme Technologies has treated the contaminated area and removed any compromised building materials
the areas will be retested to ensure fungal counts are at acceptable levels. The samples will be analyzed by a third
party accredited laboratory and a detailed report will be submitted to the client. In addition, MicroZyme will make
recommendations to ensure your home or place of work is free of elevated mold or moisture problems