Air Scrubbing in Worcester MA

Air Scrubbing in Worcester MA

Mold is a major issue in homes. Almost every home gets some form of mold at some point and it can be a health hazard to everyone living there. When mold remediation experts arrive to remove the mold, the proper precautions need to be taken to ensure that every single spore has been removed from the home. That is why air scrubbing is an essential part of any mold remediation.

Guide to Air Scrubbing in Worcester MA


An air scrubber, in its simplest form, is a portable air filtration system. It draws air in from the surrounding area, sends it through a series of filters, removes harmful particles, and pushes clean air back out. Air scrubbing machines help to improve air quality. During your mold remediation, the use of high-powered machines to remove the mold stirs up all kinds of bacteria and fungal spores into the air, which can lead to health complications.

Air scrubbers are equipped with multiple filters to capture these airborne particles and reduce the risk of health issues. The use of air scrubbers ensures no harmful, microscopic bacteria are left behind to attach in a different area of your home and begin the mold growth process all over again. Of course, air scrubbing can be used after remediation to keep filtering the air, but it is not a guarantee that mold will never regrow in your home.

To protect the health of not only your family, but the contractors, as well, air scrubbers should be used during mold remediation to keep spores contained so they don’t settle on your carpet or furnishings. The number one use of an air scrubber is for health protection. If you need a mold remediation and want your family’s health to be safe with the use of air scrubbers, please feel free to contact us at 866-920-6653 for a safe and efficient mold removal.