Attic Mold Remediation in Worcester, MA

Being a homeowner is great; you have your own space to do with what you want. However, owning a home means you don’t have a landlord to take charge when things go wrong. One of the biggest challenges you can face as a homeowner is attic mold. No one likes mold growth, but when it grows in a place that you don’t often go to, it can become worse than just some mold spores. Keep your home safe with attic mold remediation in Worcester, MA.

Attic mold remediation in Worcester, MA

Causes of Attic Mold

Mold is often caused by a build-up of moisture in a poorly ventilated area. Your attic is one of those places. You can check the moisture level in your attic by looking at nails. If there is rust on the nails, then your attic is poorly ventilated. This can be caused by improper ventilation of your kitchen, bathrooms, and dryer fans. You can avoid this issue by checking your vents to make sure they are pointed outside your home instead of going into your attic.

Another cause of attic mold can be weaknesses in the material between your roof and your attic which can allow moisture from outside weather to leak into your attic. Since Maine is relatively humid all year long, your attic is at risk for mold growth all the time and you might find yourself in need of attic mold remediation in Worcester, MA.

Attic Mold Remediation

Attic mold remediation can be costly when you let the mold go untreated and it damages the underlying construction material of your attic. It’s important to regularly check your attic so, if mold does grow, it doesn’t get bad enough to cause damage.

If you have attic mold, you need the mold remediation specialists at MicroZyme Technologies. Our mold remediation process begins with removing all the moisture from your attic, then we properly ventilate your attic before beginning the mold removal process. Once all the mold is removed, it is important to keep in mind that the mold grew in your attic for a reason: moisture growth.

Attic mold remediation in Worcester, MA doesn’t end with mold removal. We will help you come up with a plan to reduce your chances of having attic mold grow back. To get your house attic mold-free, give us a call today at 866-920-6653.

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