Black Mold Removal

Black Mold Removal

One of the potentially most dangerous substances in our homes is black mold. Black mold removal must be done quickly and carefully. Part of what makes black mold so dangerous is that it can go undetected for a long time and it can be hard to remove from the home. Black mold removal is not something you want to try on your own. Damaging or disturbing black mold can release harmful mycotoxins into the air.

black mold removal in MassachusettsMost people are not allergic to mold, but even those who are not can suffer serious health issues from contact with black mold or black mold spores. Black mold is not all black, but rather a mixture of black and green. It grows quickly. It usually comes as a result of water damage. Such water damage can come from flooding from storms, sewer backups, heavy rains, or even barely leaking pipes and drains. It will be necessary to repair the items that caused black mold to grow, but this is usually dangerous to do until the mold has been removed.

The entire affected area will need to be sealed off from the rest of the building before mold remediation efforts can begin. This includes taping off windows and doors, but also vents and other potential airways where spores can escape. Protective gear must be worn when removing mold. This includes thick plastic gloves, coveralls, and masks. It is recommended to use a full face mask with a re-breather or separate oxygen supply. The flimsy paper masks are ineffective and keeping mold out and failing to protect the mouth, nose, eyes, or ears could allow mold spores to enter the body. This is more dangerous for those with pre-existing conditions such as allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems as well as the young or old, but can be dangerous for anyone, especially when talking about black mold.

Any areas that show sign of mold growth will need removed and replaced. This will include cabinets, walls, furniture, carpets, etc. They must be tightly sealed to prevent any of the spores from escaping once removed from the home. It is possible that some materials such as plastic or metal can be salvaged and cleaned, but that is not always the case. In any event being rid of the materials is most often the best decision just to be sure that no spores were missed. If mold spores were missed, it could lead to growth again.

Powerful cleaners such as vinegar or bleach might be used to help kill black mold. Again, it is not something you want to try yourself and definitely not without the proper protective gear. Too much bleach in an enclosed area, being breathed in, could cause health problems including dizziness, vomiting, or a collapsed lung. Once cleaned, materials removed, and the water issues having been fixed, it is time to test the air quality and make sure no mold spores remains. After that time, the area can be reopened to the rest of the building.

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