Cleaning Mold in Your Home

Cleaning Mold in Your Home

It happens, homes get mold. It’s almost inevitable, as houses age and are used they are exposed to conditions in which mold can grow. So, every responsible homeowner or business owner should know how to deal with a minor mold problem. Luckily, the procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. However, if you have a severe mold problem, be sure to call the mold cleanup experts at Microzyme, as serious mold can pose a danger to your health and safety.

The process for cleaning up small amounts of mold is fairly simple:

–          Use a solution of diluted bleach (about 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water), soap and water, or a commercial cleaning product specifically designed for mold. Use these products with a stiff brush.

–          Although you may be tempted to try and create a “super cleaner” NEVER mix bleach with any other household cleaners, there is a very good chance you will generate toxic and potentially deadly fumes.

Cleaning Mold in Your Home | Microzyme Technologies

–          Always take safety precautions: wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. Be sure to open windows for ventilation.

–          If the area the mold covers is more than 10 square feet be sure to consult the Environmental Protection Agency at, or a professional mold removal contractor such as Microzyme Technologies about the proper way to clean the area.

By following these simple instructions, you can be sure that you are safely and effectively ridding your home of simple mold infestations. If you have a more serious mold problem be sure to contact the experts at Microzyme Technologies for the safest and most environmentally friendly mold remediation around.

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