Cleaning Up After Burst Pipes

Cleaning Up After Burst Pipes

One of the best ways to be sure your home or office doesn’t have to deal with a mold problem is through preventing the problem altogether. One of the most common causes of mold is excess moisture build up, which can be caused by leaks, poor ventilation, and even burst pipes.

Pipes will burst without proper care, and sometimes even with the best of care. This causes problems that are tough to clean up, but the problem will get even worse if the proper care isn’t applied to the cleanup process.

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  1. Open windows in the house to let moist air ventilate to the outdoors. Placing fans around the damp area will help circulate air and send it out the windows.
  2. Dry out any standing pools or puddles of water with a wet/dry vac. This is your best shot at removing the majority of the water, and getting most of it will help immensely with the drying process. Wherever the vacuum can’t reach, use a mop and pour the water down a drain.
  3. Dehumidifiers can be great tools for pulling water out of the air. These work especially well if the pipe is in a basement or other enclosed space. If possible, close the dehumidifier in the room with the water, as this will make it more effective.
  4. HVAC systems can actually function as massive humidifiers. AC units are naturally designed to pull moisture from the air, so by cooling your house you are also ridding the air of moisture. Once the house is cool, crank the heat until it reaches 80 degrees. Doing this drives moisture into the air, which you can then use the AC to remove. Repeat until the house has dried.

Prevention will go a long way to combating any mold problem. By properly cleaning your home after a mishap like a busted pipe you are helping to ensure that mold never invades your home. However, it’s impossible to definitively prevent all mold growth. So, when you need cleanup done, you know who to contact – the mold removal experts at Microzyme Technologies.

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