Clearance Testing in Maine

Clearance Testing in Maine

With the upheaval in the recent economy, many businesses and developers have turned toward purchasing new plots of land for future building developments in Maine. With these new plots of land, an important thing that has gone into these purchases and pre-development phases is clearance testing. Many people have never heard of clearance testing before. It is important for anyone who is looking to build on open land to have proper clearance testing done.

Maine has a wild range of temperatures and humidity throughout the seasons. As such, many areas are prime for mold growth and others are quite heavy in moisture. This can lead to serious issues once beginning to build. This is why large developers and businesses turn to clearance testing experts. If a surrounding area has an abundant amount of moisture or mold, then it more likely that new structures build in the area will be afflicted with mold. Knowing this ahead of time allows developers to do a few things. They could decide to buy a different parcel of land. They could also decide to keep with the particular land area and invest in preventative measures, working to eliminate existing mold and building stronger, treated foundations that can withstand higher amounts of moisture and work better to keep out mold.

Without clearance testing in Maine, there have been a number of land owners that have been at the mercy of nature down the road, unprepared for the excessive moisture or encroaching mold. This leads to problems during building and settling periods. Furthermore, the new owners do not know about these heightened levels of concern, so it leads to failure to keep an eye out for telltale signs of moisture and mold or do regular testing to be sure whatever preventative measures have been put in place are working.

Clearance testing has proven more than worth it and has become common practice for developers in and around Maine. By completing proper clearance testing with experts in the field of moisture and mold remediation, development firms have saved tremendous amounts of money by building structures that are more resilient to moisture and mold. This allows them to last longer in areas that were previously too harsh on buildings. More areas are able to be developed now due to clearance testing.

It is absolutely possible to place a structure in a new area without clearance testing. Everything might go very well and last that way for some time. Over time, however, if the building was not prepped for excessive moisture or mold in an area where such things exist, there are going to be problems sooner or later. The mold will creep in through the foundation and in the walls. Seals and supporting materials will succumb to the wet environment. We’ll see greater expansion and contraction during the different seasons, which will weaken the building. Like most things, clearance testing in Maine proves that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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