Cost of Mold Remediation

Cost of Mold Remediation

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a mold infestation. Your home is a part of you and when it gets an infestation, you take it personally. The cost of mold remediation can be very expensive and the removal process can be very time consuming. However, it is very important to begin the mold remediation process sooner rather than later. The sooner you get the mold removed, the less health risks it will cause you and your family.

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Mold Growth and Health Problems

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in warm, moist places. When people think of mold, they think of it as a horrible infestation that needs to be removed. While that, and the health issues it can cause are true, mold is an important part of the environment. Without mold, the world would be overrun with dead plant matter.

The key factor to mold growth in your home is moisture. Wherever there is moisture, the chances of mold growth increases. With the development of mold, health issues arise. These can include: skin irritation, difficulty breathing, allergic reactions, and headaches.

Mold Remediation Costs

The cost of mold remediation can fluctuate depending on a number of factors: how big is the infestation, what level is the infestation at, etc. The EPA says that a mold infestation of 100 square feet or less can be handled by property owners, but anything larger than that should be handled by professional mold remediators. Labor costs are what make up a majority of mold remediation costs. The larger the infestation, the more workers will be needed to remove it and more protective equipment will be needed for those workers. Equipment can also be costly. For example, the HEPA vacuum that is used to filter out infested air can cost $10,000.

Material costs also vary from project to project. Depending on where the mold grows, that area needs to be redone. Most of the time its carpet that needs to be ripped up and replaced, but sometimes it can be lumber and floorboards that need to be replaced. If you are looking for a lower cost for mold remediation, call MicroZyme Technologies today at 866-920-6653.