Detecting Mold Using Infrared Cameras

When you detect mold in your home or office, your first instinct is probably to check for contamination throughout the property and take steps to remedy the situation as soon as possible. This is absolutely the best first step to take! Mold is sneaky in that you can’t always see it or smell it; it can hide under wallpaper, in cabinets and in crevices in the basement or bathroom. Technology like infrared cameras and thermal imaging makes it easier to find mold and analyze the situation.

Lights, Camera, Mold?

Infrared cameras have become more popular in home inspections and construction as they can easily detect temperature changes, heat and air conditioning loss (leaks), overheated electrical connections and more. But professional mold remediation companies like MicroZyme Technologies have found a new use for the cameras: mold detection.

Detecting mold using infrared cameras uses thermography to find the existence of moisture in hard to see areas, like in walls, cabinets and baseboards. Since moisture promotes mold growth (and can tip you off to other problems like leaks), this can be a very handy tool. By detecting moisture, you may actually be able to find the problem before mold has a chance to grow, thus preventing a lot of time, effort and cost in mold remediation.

Leave it to the Pros

As with many tools of the trade, a simple infrared camera is not enough on its own. To get the most out of the inspection, the camera needs to be operated by a trained technician who knows both how to operate the tool and how to detect mold. Once the camera detects mold, the technician needs to take temperature measurements to compare to the findings on the camera.

When you suspect mold in your home or office, you need a proven air quality and mold remediation expert. Call MicroZyme Technologies at your first inkling of mold and we will test your property within 48 hours of your initial phone call. We have over 2,000 successful remediation projects and use only trusted tools like infrared cameras. Call (508) 841-8158 today!

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