Had Flood Damage in Worcester, MA? Here’s How to Stop the Mold!

To property owners and renters, flood damage can seem like the kiss of death. Not only are your items damaged and become hard to fix or replace, but your home itself undergoes substantial damage. The flooring, whether it be carpet, tile, or wood, is irreparably damaged and needs to be completely replaced.

Had flood damage in Worcester, MA? Here's how to stop the mold!

But beyond that, the integrity of your home’s structure can be compromised. All of these damages are easily seen so you can fix them, but there is an unseen problem that can happen: mold. Have you had flood damage in Worcester, MA? Here’s how to stop the mold!

Flood Damage and Time

Mold growth can happen in a short amount of time. Within 24 hours of flood water standing in one place that it really shouldn’t be in, mold can grow. Mold thrives off of moisture and, if left to it’s own device, it can become an expensive and time-consuming mess to clean. To avoid this, immediate extraction of the flood water and drying the wet area will help reduce the chance of mold growth. If mold is permitted to grow in your home after flood damage, it can lead to bigger issues, issues that you don’t want to deal with while you’re dealing with the flood damage itself. For example, mold growth can turn into black mold and toxic mold which can cause severe health issues for you and your family.

Flood Damage and Professionals

To stop the mold growth in your home after flood damage has occurred, you need MicroZyme Technologies. We are experts in flood damage restoration and mold remediation and, luckily for you, we work on an emergency basis. We’re ready to save your home from mold growth whenever flood damage strikes. We are highly trained at containing any mold that may have grown as a result of your flood damage and we know how to properly remove it without contaminating any other areas in your home. Once all the mold is removed, we will fix your home’s structure with special, mold-resistant drywall and then we will paint with mold-resistant paint to help reduce your chances of mold regrowing after your flood damage. To make sure mold growth is prevented in your home after flood damage, call MicroZyme Technologies today at 866-920-6653.

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