Massachusetts Commercial Clearance Testing

Massachusetts Commercial Clearance Testing

Do you suspect mold in your office or commercial building, but can’t see it? Even if you have no reason to suspect mold but work in a damp area, should you have your building clearance tested? The simple answer is yes. Commercial buildings in damp or known mold growth areas, or buildings with suspicious mold smells or sightings should definitely be clearance tested for mold. Buildings that have undergone mold remediation in the past may also need periodic clearance tests to make sure the job was done right the first time and that mold is not returning.

What is Clearance Testing?

Clearance testing for mold or other environmental toxins (like asbestos and lead) are common and often mandatory for commercial buildings. The clearance testing for mold will include a visual inspection, an air test and an inspection of “hidden” areas that mold likes to hunker down and spread to, like under wallpaper, in drywall cavities and acoustic ceilings. If you have mold at above average levels, you may have workers complain of musty smells, headaches and allergies that come on strongly while in the building, humid work spaces, broken or leaky plumbing, or discolored wall spots or ceiling tiles. These can all be indications of previous or current mold problems.

You can also think of commercial clearance testing like a home inspection when you are buying a house. If the commercial property has been treated for mold in the past, you will want a third party air quality expert to come in an inspect the work and stand by the results. In performing clearance testing, MicroZyme explores walls, ceilings and flooring, ideally before any new materials are in place. Even though mold may not be visible, it can still be present at toxic levels.

Experience and Expertise Count

It’s important to use a trusted expert in mold and air quality when performing Massachusetts commercial clearance testing. Not only will experienced professionals know the local code and guidelines for mold levels, but they will be able to recognize when mold remediation has occurred. A professional company will also test the air and send the samples to an independent testing facility to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Testing results will always be shared with the client. Results will include all the methods used to test and how the samples were obtained, the growth used to test the samples, the types of mold found in each test and at what levels. Commercial clearance test results may also be shared with courts and officials.

Clear the Air

Suspect mold growth in your commercial building and need Massachusetts commercial clearance testing in Boston, Worcester, Springfield or Providence? MicroZyme Technologies has over 25 years of experience in the indoor air quality industry, plus over 2,000 successful mold remediation projects (both residential and commercial). MicroZyme can help you at home, too, with residential air quality testing and services. We take mold seriously and use only non-toxic solutions to prevent future growth. Call (866) 920-6653 today and get a response within 48 hours of your first call.