Mold in the Workplace: What You Should Know

If you are a business owner, building owner, or any kind of employer, “mold” is one word you absolutely fear. It is common for lawsuits to arise out of a mold problem and claim “sick building syndrome.” Because public awareness about mold is increasing, hysteria surrounding it will also increase, and it is likely that lawsuits will also increase in number. Workers who believe they are working in an environment exposed to mold may not want to work, their productivity may decline, and they may file for worker’s compensation. As an employer, there’s a lot about mold in the workplace and what you should know to limit your legal liability as much as you can.

Mold in Your MA Workplace: What You Should Know | Microzyme

Look for Signs

No matter how much we want it to be untrue, mold is always in every building. It’s a normal and common thing. However, it’s the type and size of the mold spores that matters. If the mold is allowed to grow into a large enough concentration, it can become toxic. Although the severity of mold’s effect on health is in debate, it is known that exposure to mold can cause irritation. Watch your employees and look for signs of eye, nose, and throat irritation; respiratory complaints; skin irritation; nausea; dizziness and fatigue. If you are an employee and are experiencing any of these symptoms, tell your HR department or office manager right away so they can investigate the possibility of mold in the workplace.

Advise Your Employees

If you do happen to find yourself dealing with a mold problem, keep your employees informed on the steps you are taking to rectify the issue. Concern and anxiety are likely to fill your employees and keeping them up to date will help ease some of that. If you have hired professionals to remove the mold, ask them for a write-up of the steps they are taking so you can circulate that amongst your employees. That way, your employees know how they are being protected. Whatever you do, don’t keep your employees in the dark. If you do and someone has serious health issues and later finds out there was a mold problem, a lawsuit is definitely in your future. Plus it’s better they know right away so they can take their own precautions and still remain a productive employee.

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