Mold Remediation Contractor

What Makes Microzyme Technologies Special?

Microzyme Technologies is a cut above the rest when it comes to mold remediation. There are dozens of options to choose from when you are looking for a mold remediation contractor, but only Microzyme Technologies delivers the long history of customer satisfaction and unparalleled experience in the field that can guarantee a job well done.

Above and beyond our experience and professionalism is our revolutionary new way of combating mold infestations. Our groundbreaking utilization of advanced EC-34 technology means that our process is safe, environmentally friendly and totally non-toxic. EC-34 is an enzyme technology designed to break down and digest mold spores. Not only is this solution non-toxic, but it is also extremely effective. EC-34 has been designed to work quickly and effectively so that your mold problem is gone in no time.

Mold Remediation Contractor | Microzyme Technologies

Beyond our advanced technology, what really makes Microzyme special is our professionalism and expertise. We have been in the mold remediation and air quality testing business for years, and we bring this wealth of knowledge to every job, every time. Our long history of satisfied customers will attest to the fact that Microzyme Technologies is something special. We’re different than those other mold removal companies because our customers – not cash – come first, every single time.

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So, if you’re having trouble with mold or air quality, just call the expert mold removal contractor at Microzyme. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work the first time, every time. You’re just that important to us.