Mold Remediation in Vermont

Mold Remediation in Vermont

Mold remediation has become quite important in Vermont and the rest of New England over the past few years. The problem with a number of the mold remediation services available in Vermont is that not all are everything they promise to be. Mold remediation requires an unerring attention to detail and an in-depth series of steps. Mold remediation specialists who promise minimal disturbance and quick fixes usually aren’t doing a very good job. Consider the following steps  in mold remediation for our Vermont clients.

The same methods are recommended by the independent Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Each of our treatment specialists is equipped with their own personal protective equipment.

As soon as testing verifies contaminated areas, a remediation plan will be developed and put into place.

When necessary, contaminated areas are separated from non-contaminated areas with ploy sheeting.

Before and during treatment or demolition, the contaminated areas will be under the effect of negative air machines or air scrubbers, which helps prevent further contamination.

Any compromised structural materials will be sealed up.

The EC-34 technology will be implemented in the area including into the air, on surfaces and within HVAC systems.

Then, the area will be HEPA vacuumed.

Materials that must be removed to prevent continued contamination will be sealed and removed for proper disposal.

The area will then be tested again to verify that mold is at a minimal and acceptable level. These test results will be verified in a detailed report from a third party laboratory, which will then be presented to the clients.

Once the immediate issue has been dealt with, a plan and/or recommendations will be provided to help minimize mold and moisture in the future for the client.

Some companies avoid having second opinions. Or, they offer it up as a challenge to you, if you want to “waste your time with that” sort of snide way. With our mold remediation services in Vermont, it is part of our standard practice. We want to be sure we have done our job and done it well. More importantly, we want you to know that we have done a great job for you. If you have a mold remediation specialist that balks at having another firm double check their figures or mold testing, they most likely are not as good as they present themselves to be. There is even an off chance that they might be exceptional at mold remediation. When it comes to the health and safety of the people in the building, though, wouldn’t you feel better with more than one set of eyes on it? We know we do.


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