Mold Removal Hartford, CT

Mold Removal Hartford, CT

Any home is susceptible to mold growth if a water source is introduced, like a leak in your plumbing. With easy access to water, mold can rapidly spread within your home in less than 72 hours. Harmful to you and your family, mold can produce allergens and other potentially damaging spores. Don’t let the sight of a mold infestation get you down. Our Hartford, CT mold removal experts here at MicroZyme have the knowledge to remove the mold and make your home safe again for you and your family!

Clear the Air With Mold Removal

One thing that you should understand is that mold is everywhere. It is indoors, outdoors, and microscopic spores float around in the air. These spores can gain access to your home through open windows, doors, or your AC system. Sometimes these spores can attach themselves to your clothing or your pet’s fur and gain access to your home that way. Once these spores are exposed to moisture, they can turn into a colony and lead to a mold infestation. If you notice a strong musty odor emanating from certain areas of your home that have access to water, you may have a mold problem.

Our experts here at MicroZyme Technologies come to your home to conduct an inspection. During our inspection, we create the best plan to clear the air of mold. The mold is contained and removed from your home, an air filtration system is set up, and any possible moisture problems are wrapped up. It is important to keep the level of moisture within your home at a minimum otherwise mold can easily reappear and the process will have to start all over.

We understand how unnerving it is to find out your home has a mold infestation. We have over 15 years of mold removal experience and will do everything to get your home free of mold. Give us a call today at 1-866-920-6653!