Mold Removal in Rhode Island

Mold Removal in Rhode Island

Mold removal in Rhode Island has grown in sophistication over the past several years. First, there are the methods of detection. Before, people would not know they had a mold problem until they could see or smell it. People would fall ill without knowing why. Now, residents of Rhode Island can bring in mold removal specialists who can test air quality and detect even trace amounts of mold. This heads off bigger problems before they get out of hand.

Once, when you detected mold in your home or business, there were limited avenues you could take to rectify the issue. Mold removal was once a combination of scrubbing with bleach and replacing affected materials. This might mean tearing down a wall or ripping out a floor or roof. All of this was quite costly, and it put the mold removal experts in harm’s way as they worked around the spores that were being agitated and released. Their flimsy masks and overalls could only go so far in protecting them.

With the news stories that have been reported here in Rhode Island and elsewhere, there have been many advances in mold removal. The science and technology of today has made mold removal a safer, less expensive solution than it once was.

For example, our mold removal team uses EC-34 technology. EC-34 technology uses an FDA approved specifications for a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and organic enzyme for mold removal. This biodegradable enzyme used in Rhode Island and other parts of New England penetrates surface areas, so that mold is being broken down and rendered inert within structure materials—far more than bleach or other types of cleaning compounds can do. It also allows those structure materials to remain rather than needing to be replaced.

By using such enzymes in mold removal, we are not only improving the health of our clients, but we are working toward a healthier environment. Our methods have been tested and proven, and each treated area is then tested again and test results from an independent third party lab are shared with our clients. We work quickly and efficiently in matters of mold removal, knowing the health of you, your family, your employees, and customers depends on a healthy, mold free environment.

By using enzymes for mold removal, there is no damage to your building or structural components—no discoloring. There is also the enhanced possibility of keeping existing building materials rather than replacing them. When the mold removal is complete, we also work with you by providing recommended steps to be sure to minimize future moisture and mold problems.

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