New Hampshire Indoor Air Quality Testing

New Hampshire Indoor Air Quality Testing

Most indoor air quality testing in New Hampshire is done for certain industrial and medical facilities, although some individuals with health concerns will require the same. As our world continues to age and population grows, we are seeing more and more need for indoor air quality testing. It will not be long before we see this sort of thing happening in commercial centers and retail stores. Indoor air quality testing checks our surroundings for contaminants that can be inhaled.

Indoor air quality testing tests for dust, toxins, and—perhaps most notably—mold. Hospitals will have in-depth air quality testing as a way to protect the health of their patients and staff. The air in hospitals can easily carry infections. At the same time, patients with asthma and other breathing conditions are often admitted, and they are far more sensitive to the contaminants most of us breath in throughout the day. Industrial facilities will often have indoor air quality testing done when they work regularly with harsh chemicals or small, delicate manufactured components that must be assembled in clean room type environments.

Indoor air quality testing is not just for these extreme environment type of situations. Many homes and businesses are undergoing indoor air quality testing on an as-needed basis at this point in time. One of the key reasons for this is for health, because buildings that have stood for years have had a secret safety issue growing behind walls, in vents, and elsewhere. One of those key threats is mold. In New Hampshire, mold has been a problem for years, but the issue has remained quiet. Now, as buildings are being sold to new owners, remodeling and restoration efforts take place, and the mold has simply continued to grow, the problem is becoming more noticeable and more rampant.

Indoor air quality testing is used before buying or selling a new home or office building. Mold remediation must take place before remodeling or changing ownership. As mold has grown unbidden for years, hidden from sight, it has weakened the structure of the building and poses serious health risks to anyone who spends time in the building. Even a small amount of mold can send someone with asthma or other health conditions into a serious medical emergency while others remain completely unaffected.

Quality contractors who perform indoor air quality testing do not work alone. They are part of a team, using the most advanced technologies and techniques to test the air. They also share their samples with independent labs and agencies to verify their readings. The test results are shared with the building or business owners and proper remediation efforts are planned out and started right away.

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