Mold Remediation in New Haven CT

Mold Remediation in New Haven CT

Mold is a natural part of our ecosystem and helps recycle biological material. But when it creeps indoors and moisture sets in, mold spores travel and multiply quickly, causing headaches (literally and figuratively) and high repairs costs. Because mold can cause health problems and destroy building materials, it should be eliminated as soon as it’s detected. MicroZyme Technologies specializes in mold inspection and mold remediation in New Haven CT.

What is Mold Remediation?


Mold remediation is not just the removal of mold, it’s the treatment of the surfaces to try to keep it from coming back. The first step is an inspection to determine if you have mold. This includes exteriors, a visual inspection, use of a moisture detector, swab tests and air samples. Because mold is a naturally occurring part of biology, the tests are to determine if the mold is present at too high of a level. All samples are then sent to an accredited third party lab to test for microbial growth. You’ll receive the full report detailing the types of mold found, the contaminated areas and if remediation is recommended.

If mold is detected, we’ll create a mold remediation plan. Areas that are not contaminated may be sealed off from contaminated areas and demolition of contaminated building materials may be required. If this is the case, we use air scrubbers or a negative air machine before and during the demolition to help clean the air as we work and prevent cross-contamination.

Any demo-ed building materials like drywall, linoleum, baseboards or countertops will be sealed, bagged and disposed of properly. To full remediate the mold, we’ll use our proprietary EC-34 technology on all surfaces and the HVAC system. Following treatment and clean up, we will re-test the areas, again analyzed by a third party lab, and you will receive the report. We’ll also consult on how to keep moisture out of your building and keep us from coming back.

Pro Treatment

At MicroZyme Technologies we take mold remediation in New Haven CT seriously. We have over 15 years of combined experience with indoor air quality and we’ve completed over 2,000 remediation project. If you think you have mold and are need of remediation, call us today at 866-920-6653. We guarantee a 48-hour response time for air quality tests.