Springfield Massachusetts Air Quality Experts Provide Better Health at Work and at Home

Springfield Massachusetts Air Quality Experts Provide Better Health at Work and at Home

Whether you are running a company or own your own home in Springfield Massachusetts, air quality should be a major concern.  The Environmental Protection Agency has names indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. As a result, there are myriad of new building codes that have been put into place regarding air sealing and ventilation. These new codes are to help improve indoor air quality as well as overall energy efficiency of the buildings. There are a lot of places within a building that allow for air leaks that are the equivalent of leaving a window wide open all day and all night. These uncontrolled air leaks will sky rocket heating and cooling costs as well as allowing all sorts of environmental pollutants into the building including pollen and dust.

Reports have shown that properly sealing air leaks within a home can lower energy bills as much as 10 or 20 percent and even more in some cases. Most home owners do not understand what kind of health risks they are facing from those uncontrolled air leaks. A qualified indoor air quality specialist can help homeowners understand risks to their health and how best to combat them. The reality of it is that, without properly sealing up the home, these problems can return. An educated consumer is an empower consumer, and understanding how and where these air leaks come from is important before hiring an air quality specialist in Massachusetts. These same unhealthy and even life-threatening environmental concerns may require the modifications to the home as well as treatments such as mold remediation. The same problems can affect commercial buildings as residential, so business owners are responsible for educating themselves on indoor quality just as much as home owners, perhaps more.

Common pollutants that can be found indoors and lower overall indoor air quality include pollen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, mold, and other organic compounds and chemicals. Some of these chemicals might even be from cleaning agents we bring into our homes in an effort to help promote a clean and safe environment. The older the building is, the higher a chance for more damage to air quality and people’s health. The EPA and various other independent studies have shown that these contaminants can exasperate existing conditions as well as bringing about new ones. These health conditions include asthma, dry eyes, allergies, nausea, fatigue, headaches, and more. For those with pre-existing conditions, immune disorders, the elder, and the young, these risks can be even worse. Proper air sealing and ventilation can assist in preventing these risks and improving the overall health of those who spend time within the home or industrial building. When compared to air outside the home or office, indoor air has been tested to be an average of two to five times as polluted. In some cases, it has been measured to be as much as 100 times worse than the outdoor air.

Without proper ventilation, indoor air pollution is trapped inside the home or office. Improper ventilation and poor seals waste energy. If air leaks within the building have been sealed properly, additional ventilation may need to be added in an effort draw more pollutants out of the home. This may include a mechanical system included as part of the HVAC. Older homes may require a lot of work to install such a unit while newer homes may already have them installed, although they will need maintained on a regular basis.

Before you start on any indoor air quality improvement projects in your home or business, it is important to understand these key trouble spots for air seals.

Surrounding the insulation, there is something referred to as the air barrier. If there is too much air in the exterior walls, the insulation may be loose and not doing its job.

The attic is another major concern for air seals within the home. The attic should be properly insulated. At the same time, special care must be taken here to properly align and seal the wall to ceiling connections.

The attic knee wall is an air barrier placed around the insulated boundary in the attic where the rest of the house meets the roof. This is a common spot for air leaks that can easily be overlooked by less experienced and skilled air quality contractors in Massachusetts.

Within the building there are shafts installed to allow travel for pipes and ducts. There is often some space allowed for the house settling and seasonal expansion. However, over time, these small gaps can grow in size and will lead to air leaks in the home.

Staircase framing at the exterior wall must also be properly sealed. These spaces may not be as a way of shortcutting construction and should definitely be looked at. Poor air seals here could easily be overlooked by the home owner, but might be noticed if feet get cold going up and down the stairs.

Porch or deck roofs that are attached to the house are another common place for air seals to be weak. The exterior walls are one of the biggest problems of any building and usually need reinforced by insulation contractors.

Air quality specialists in Massachusetts can help clean up the indoor air and find various contaminants. They run tests to verify the overall air quality and what types of pollutants are in the home. Those tests should be run before and after air quality improvement measures have been enacted. Those tests results should also be verified by an independent, third part lab. This helps verify all equipment is working properly and nothing is overlooked. When it comes to the health and safety of homeowners, their families and business owners, their employees, and clients, there is no room for error.  By helping plug up the leaks in the home or office, you end up saving a lot of money. Heating and cooling bills go lower. At the same time, there are less medical bills and less allergy medicine needed. Springfield MA air quality specialists can help improve your quality of life for many years to come.