Top 5 Signs You need Air Quality Testing in Providence RI

Top 5 Signs You need Air Quality Testing in Providence RI

Handling air quality testing in Providence Rhode Island, we are often asked “how do I know I need air quality testing.” The honest truth is that many of us don’t find out we need air quality control or mold remediation specialists until it is too late. There are a few key factors that set off red flags for any RI air quality specialists, though, and we’d like to share them with you here.

Did you develop allergies or signs of asthma shortly after moving into your new home?

If you are just moving to a new area from a different part of the country, it is common to develop allergies to local pollen and other environmental factors shortly after moving. However, even if this is the case, you need to consider the severity. When it comes to asthma, it is rare to develop these later in life without having shown any previous signs. Also, if you’re always lived in Providence, RI and never had allergies before but suddenly develop signs shortly after moving into a new home, it possible that the home is the issue.

Was your home built prior to 1978?

If you are living in an older home, particularly one built before current building requirements were enacted, the chances of mold, lead paint, and other dangerous contaminants being in your home are greatly enhanced. If you have small children, elderly family members, or anyone with any sort of immune deficiency, this becomes an even bigger potential risk. While a healthy adult can withstand many contaminants at varying levels, the same is not true for those who have impaired immune systems due to age or other health risks.

Notice strange orders in your home or on your clothes?

You may notice clothes from your closet or from storage which have been washed have a musty odor upon putting them on or leaving the house. This is a strong indicator that something in the house is producing that smell and it is often mold. The dangers of this mold and the extent of its damage in your home can only be detected by properly trained and equipped mold remediation specialists.

Do your health problems subside once you leave your home?

If you have allergies or breathing issues at the house, but you do better once you have left your home, the most likely culprit is the home. This is a simple cause and effect situation. If everything is fine until you get home, where is it most likely that the problem lies? In the home, of course.

Are there strange smells in your home?

If you go out of town for a weekend or longer and come back to a smell of mold, mildew, etc., this would be a definite sign you would want to have an air quality test done.

Can you see noticeable water damage in your home?

Usually, when water intrudes our homes, we cannot see it. It happens behind the walls where it would be impossible to see. By the time we do notice water staining on the walls or floors, chances are that it has been there for a while. When water has been seeping into your home’s foundation or walls for a long period of time, it is quite likely that there is also mold growth in that area.

Do your sprinklers typically hit your roof or outside walls?

If the sides of your home or the roof are consistently being struck with water, there is a good chance that the water from the sprinklers can wear away at the protective coatings and begin to enter your home. It may seem just fine. But, like mentioned above, water intruding into the home can go unnoticed for longer periods of time before it gets noticed. And, by that time, you probably have a bigger problem than you realize.

Air quality testing and mold remediation is an important part of maintaining the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Ignoring these simple signs can be dangerous and doctors may not be able to properly diagnose issues you are facing without knowing that there is a potential for mold and other contaminants in your home or office. This is why it is important to pay attention to our surroundings and how the effect us. If anything seems off, and you can’t seem to figure out why, it may be the perfect time to call for air quality testing in Providence Rhode Island.