Water Damage? Get A Mold Inspection!

Water Damage? Get A Mold Inspection!

Massachusetts is often hit with a lot of rain throughout the year. All that water accumulates and turns into flooding which can be detrimental to your home. The water damage from flooding can be excessive and difficult to fix. Water damage can also occur on a smaller level than flooding from the Massachusetts rain. Your home can experience water damage due to leaky plumbing, an overflowing washing machine, and even clogged toilets. No matter how your water damage occurs, you need to get a mold inspection! Water damage means dampness, and dampness means mold growth.

Water Damage? Get a Mold Inspection in Worcester | Microzyme

About Mold

When you think of mold, you probably have this picture in your mind. It most likely consists of dark brown or black patches that can just be easily scrubbed away with some soap and warm water. No. That can possibly make things worse. The number one thing to about mold is that it thrives off of moisture. Trying to clean it up by adding more moisture to it will only give it strength. Your vision of mold is correct, however. Mold will appear in black and brown specs around places that have access to water, like the part of your home that has succumbed to water damage. Mold will also give off a distinct, musty odor. Mold can cause health issues so if you have water damage, get a mold inspection.

Water Damage Mold Inspection

Mold growth is not always a given if you have water damage, but it is best for you and your family to have a professional mold inspector come out to your home and give it a thorough check. Our experts here at MicroZyme Technologies are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to detect mold. When you call us for your water damage mold inspection, we will comb over every inch of the water damage to make positive there is no mold. If we do find mold, you can count on us to remove all of it and remove it all safely. You don’t need to have any mold worries when you call MicroZyme. We will take care of everything from the mold inspection to mold removal. Call us today at 1-866-920-6653.

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