Water Damage Mold Removal Boston MA

Water Damage Mold Removal Boston MA

Water damage can be a terrible thing, not only for your family, but your home, as well. Unwanted water can damage prized possessions and priceless memories, but it can also cause mold in your home. The number one thing that mold lives off of is moisture. Once you clear away all the damage caused by water, you will most likely find yourself in a situation that requires some mold removal. It can take time for the mold to become visible so stay vigilant and keep a close eye on the areas affected by the water damage. If you need water damage mold removal in the Boston MA area, MicroZyme has the technology and the know-how for the removal process.

Water Damage Mold Removal Boston MA | MicroZyme US

Best Practice Water Damage Mold Removal Procedures

The first step in water damage mold removal is to extract all the moisture from the damaged area. The mold removal experts here at MicroZyme will start by getting a good air flow going, properly ventilating the water damaged area. If the moisture is severe, we will use a dehumidifier to help the process. Once the moisture is eliminated, the cleaning process begins. It is very important that the mold remain in one area and isn’t unconsciously moved to another part of the home where it can set-up camp and begin the growth process all over again.

You don’t have to worry about that with Microzyme because our mold removal experts are highly trained at containing the mold situation and not contaminating any other area of your home. After the mold is removed, mold-resistant products like special drywall should be installed wherever the water damage occurred. Repainting with mold-stopping paint can also help reduce chances of mold regrowth.

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