What is a Mold Damage Assessment?

If your home has ever experienced water damage from a flood or burst pipe, mold can be lurking in your home and you might never even know it. Mold eats away at building materials which can cause further structural damage to your home. As the mold continues to grow, it can turn into toxic mold which can have adverse effects on the health of you and your family and can, in severe cases, make your home uninhabitable. This is where a mold damage assessment comes in.

A mold damage assessment can help keep you healthy

There can be various signs of mold damage in your home: visible signs, odor signs, construction defects, stains, or visible water damage. Professionals like our technicians here at MicroZyme Technologies conduct mold damage assessments to test if you do have a mold infestation after experiencing water damage. So what is a mold damage assessment?

Methods of Testing

Mold damage assessment has three different ways of testing for mold in your home:

●        Air Sampling. This test is done with a bioaerosol air impactor to get a sampling of viable fungi and mold. When air goes into the sample, airborne particles are pushed to the surface where they can be collected and tested for fungi and mold. Results will vary depending on the size of the sample, techniques for the sampling, duration of the sampling, and the date the sample is taken.

●        Swab Sampling. This testing, also called surface sampling, is an excellent way of finding and identifying the sources of fungi growth. The test is done by taking a sterile swab, dipping it in suspension solution, and swabbing the suspected area. The swab is then placed in a sterile vial and sent to a lab for analysis.

●        Carpet Sampling. This inspection can discover undetected mold problems since carpet usually holds evidence of mold from previous infestations. Mold spores can pile up in between the fibers of the carpet where they can grow into a new infestation

Why You Need a Mold Damage Assessment

Your mold damage assessment will include:

  • Complete inspection of your home
  • Evaluation of moisture content
  • Sampling

Getting a mold damage assessment is beneficial to you because it can help prevent future issues. If the mold goes unchecked and continues to grow, it can damage your home and it can cause health problems. If you suspect that you have a mold problem, the sooner you call MicroZyme Technologies, the sooner you can get the mold removed from your home and get back to living your life mold worry-free. After your water damage, call us at 1-866-920-6653 for a mold damage assessment.

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