What to Expect from Indoor Air Quality Testing in Portland ME

What to Expect from Indoor Air Quality Testing in Portland ME

People are still a bit mystified by indoor air quality testing in Portland Maine. Is it something they need? Do only companies have air quality tested? Is it only certain types of companies who have these tests done? Is it something that should be done at home? What good is air quality testing anyhow.

Those are all very good questions. Indoor air quality testing is an important part of workplace safety and environmental health these days. Many of the buildings in Portland Maine and throughout the state are older buildings. They have seen plenty of harsh weather, various tenants, and are in various states of disrepair, restoral, and even newness. Air quality testing was designed to give people an idea of what kind of air they are breathing in on a daily basis. If you have seen the news reports of people buying a new home only to start suffering medical issues within a few weeks and months after moving in and then finding out down the road it was due to mold in the walls or attic, then you know what kind of benefit air quality testing can have for you and your family.

Poor air quality can lead to all sorts of problems whether in the home or at a business. People who spend time in environments where there are a lot of contaminants in the air they breathe will often start to suffer from what appears to be allergies or even suffering from asthma where they never had before. The types of contaminants in the air can be dust, pollen from the outside, or created in facilities such as machining or assembly plants. Indoor air quality can be affected by everything from what type of business is being done within the business to the insulation and ventilation systems in place.

By having indoor air quality testing performed by specialists, they can provide you with insight as to what steps need to be taken. You may need mold remediation services. You may need vents cleaned. You may need new insulation. There may be more intense repairs that need done. However, having this information allows you to best protect the health of your family, friends, and co-workers.

One of the key things you want to be sure your air quality tester does is verify all results through a third party laboratory. This helps to verify the authenticity of the results and make sure nothing was missed or inaccurate. If there is a discrepancy in the results, the test will often be run again with re-calibrated or even different equipment. It is also important to make sure you can have air quality testing in Portland Maine done after the steps have been taken to improve the quality so you can be sure that the steps were both appropriate and effective.