When Is The Best Time To Test For Mold?

Mold is all around us. Even though it can get into your home or office during any season, any day and at any time, there are certainly times when mold is more likely to get in and spread (like humid summers). And then there are times when you either have visual proof or a distinct odor that tells you when mold is present at higher than normal levels. So when is the best time for test for mold?

Take the Cues

You should always have your home or office tested when you think you see or smell mold. Let your senses guide you when something is wrong and use them as a cue to fix it. You or someone in your home or office could also be experiencing symptoms of mold exposure, such as itchy eyes, sneezing, headaches, sore throat or fatigue. If you know a mold allergy exists, you should be extra diligent and test for mold early.

You should also test for mold when you experience conditions that could easily and quickly lead to mold growth, like water damage, excessive moisture or flooding anywhere in the building. If you suspect mold for another reason but do not see or smell signs of it, you can still test the air. Test in the most used room in the home and the HVAC unit.

When you have indoor air samples taken, you should also have outdoor samples taken. Two samples, one from the windward side of the building and one from the leeward side, should be taken at the same time as the indoor samples. This will give you a good indication of what mold levels are in the air and where mold could possibly enter the house.

When should you call for help?

Call a professional mold remediation expert whenever you suspect mold growth. MicroZyme Technologies will respond within 48 hours of your initial phone call and have successfully remediated over 2,000 projects. Call 866-920-6653 to test your air today.

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