Black Toxic Mold Removal

Black Toxic Mold Removal in Worcester, MA

You know that mold is present everywhere and that moisture can bring mold levels up to dangerous levels. But do you know that there are different kinds of mold, some much more hazardous than others? The mold that gets the most attention in the news is black mold, also called “black toxic mold” or stachybotrys chartarum. Whenever you suspect any mold, you should take steps to get it out of your home or office. But immediate black mold removal is especially important.

Mold grows fast, and black mold is no exception. All it takes is a little moisture intrusion and 48 hours to have a full blown mold problem.

When you see or smell mold (the musty odor is usually a giveaway), it’s best to call a professional like MicroZyme Technologies to help you remove the mold. If you try to remove the black mold yourself and you disturb the mold colony, you could actually help the mold spores move and multiple more quickly, thus increasing your mold problem.

Gear Up with MicroZyme

When you call a professional and certified company, you are getting their knowledge and experience in fighting black mold. MicroZyme Technologies doesn’t just focus on the black mold removal. We also work to remediate the mold, treating the surfaces and air to keep the mold from coming back. We also consult with homeowners on potential moisture intrusion areas and how they can stay proactive in preventing black mold growth. This includes sealing doorways and windows, checking for plumbing leaks and making sure moisture-heavy rooms like bathroom and kitchens have proper ventilation and exhaust fans.

If you suspect you have black mold, don’t wait to call a professional. Because of the potential harmful nature of mold, MicroZyme Technologies responds to your first call about air quality within 48 hours. We’ve successfully remediated over 2,000 mold problems and we follow strict safety guidelines to keep you and our crews safe. Call us at (866) 920-6653 today for black mold removal.